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Tea-Time with Lola and Lolli and Sakura-Con Lolita Events

Looks like Sakura-Con is going to have several lolita events this year! Sounds like there will be three fashion shows, a swap meet, a Lolita 101 panel, a large offsite dinner meet-up, and my friend Holli and I are hosting a lolita tea-party!

The offsite meet-up is being planned by the Washington Lolitas for 7pm Saturday. It looks like they are in the process of setting up this event as the date had to be changed so as not to conflict with another lolita event. Check it out: http://wa-lolis.livejournal.com/161007.html

The tea-party Holli and I will be hosting will take place in the convention center on Friday at 12:00-2:00pm. There have been a lot of questions so I thought I would post something to clarify the details we have so far. Sakura-Con does not allow food items to be distributed other than those they provide so unfortunately we are unable to cater the event. Instead there will be a cafe cart set up inside the tea-room or just outside where people can purchase snacks. You may bring your own items if you have special dietary needs but we are not allowed to provide food or bring items to share. As this limits our ability to have a traditional tea-party, this event will be focused more on coming together to celebrate the fashion and meet fellow lolitas. Bring links to your favorite online lolita resources, personal business cards, and any lolita-related tips that you think might be worth sharing!

Our event will include a variety of lolita-themed games, activities, prizes, and plenty of opportunity to chat with other lolitas. We are still in the process of planning some of the specific activities so if you have ideas that you would like to see at this event we would love to hear your thoughts! We have begun collecting lolita items and accessories made by DIY lolitas to give out as prizes and it looks like there will be some great items! If you would like to donate a prize we will happily include your personal website in a flyer that will go out to all lolitas at the event and if you attend we will give you an opportunity to speak about your donated item if you wish.

We have asked that people come in lolita/kodona style for first dibs on seats as the event space will only hold about 40 people. Obviously this is not ideal given how many lolitas are coming from Washington, Oregon and beyond so if you are interested it may be wise to arrive early.

Please feel free to use this as a place to add your thoughts, suggestions, and to post updates about other lolita events at Sakura-Con as you hear about them! I'm starting to get excited about this year!
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I would love to contribute something as a prize! I could contribute one of my lolita mini art prints, please let me know what to do. You can check out my Etsy shop to see what they look like:

So adorable! That would be great! Do you think you will be coming to the event? If you feel comfortable mailing your item to me that would work best so I am sure I have enough items before I get to Seattle. If you would rather not or do not think the item would mail well you can bring it to the event. I am in Beaverton, if you are in this area we can also arrange to meet.
I will definitely be there! I can mail you one, that's no problem. Could you send me a PM with your mailing address and which drawing you'd like?
I will ask my co-host which she thinks, I have a few favs so I can't pick! I'll let you know and mail you the address, thank you!


February 25 2012, 17:43:23 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  February 25 2012, 17:43:56 UTC

I will donate a set of nails from Kawaii Nails as a prize. I can ship it directly to you or give it to you sometime before the tea party at the convention.. whatever works best :)

edit: forgot to mention, this is Laura :)
Sounds awesome, if we do the sew meet I will see you then and get them. Thanks Laura!