Anike (pearlzenith) wrote in orlolipops,

Baking in SE Portland

I have a bunch of scented violets in my yard and am thinking of making candied violets to put on cupcakes.  Is anyone else interested in making candied violets or other edible flowers (I might have borage still in bloom)?  Later in the year roses and nasturtiums are good for this kind of project, too.

I've never made candied flowers before, so I don't know if they can be used the same day to decorate cakes or not, but I do know that they can be stored for a very long time once made, and I have a dehydrator that can speed up the drying process.

In general, Fridays and weekends are best for me, so if anyone is interested, let me know dates that work for you.  Feb 26, March 3 & 17th are out for me, but I want to make these before Easter, if possible.
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