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Oregon gothic & lolitas

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12/26/11 04:42 am - groundedgranger - Sakuracon April 2012

Hey all!

This is pretty early to be planning, but I thought I'd suggest something anyway. I live in Portland and have a car, and I'm seriously thinking about going to Sakuracon in Seattle this year. I'm up for people to share rides, rooms, and potentially food with in order to make the con as cheap and fun as possible. If you're looking at going too, go ahead and comment. Maybe we can make plans together.

Happy Lolita-ing (is that a word?)!

12/17/11 03:40 pm - princessery - T-shirts to Cutsews (I want to give you money!)

As much as I like to think of myself as crafty, in actuality it usually does not end well for me. My friend calls me a kamikaze crafter, and I usually go into each project with little planning and the results are laughable at best. THAT SAID, I'm not looking to have someone teach me how to do this, unless you have the patience to work with someone who is essentially a 5 year old with a short attention span.

The real point of this is that I would like to pay someone in the area to convert T-shirts into cutsews for me. There is a tutorial from sew_loli here that is cute and that I like: http://egl.livejournal.com/13265706.html I'd want to make a few minor changes, like maybe just some lace at the bottom rather than the pleats, and different sleeves.

Easy, right? Not for me, but hopefully for you! If you think you can and are interested, please comment and let me know how long you think it would take you to do each shirt (I will provide the shirt. This is the one I am really itching to get done right now: http://shop.doctorcatmd.com/product/let-s-operate-t-shirt-mens-sizes) and how much you would like for it. I can meet you somewhere to drop off the shirt and let you measure me to make sure the cutsew is going to fit alright.

11/11/11 04:35 pm - mitsukaiamaya - New to Lolita

Hello. my name is Scarlet. I was born and raised in Portland, but now am attending university in Ashland. I'm into making accessories and such for commission (maybe someday whole dresses!), so if anyone wants anything, just gimme a shout-out!

I've done a lot of research on Lolita, but have yet to get an outfit together due to money. I do, however, want to get some Mary Magdalene pieces as well as some of the Rose Melody sets off of Qutieland. My roommate is into it as well, but not nearly as much as I am.

Nice to meet everyone, and I hope we can be friends n.n

11/1/11 06:52 pm - ichigobunnipop - BONSOIR

My friend Yi and i are having a picnic tea at her house this saturday (november fifth) around three in the afternoon, in newberg. any one is very welcome to attend!

i think we will sup in her apartment garden but blankets will be provided to sit on so your clothes are not very liable to get dirty. we bring tea and goodies but it would be very much appreciated if you brought a snack or your favorite tea to share!♥ If you're consider joining us, please message me and ill reply back with the address. Thank you!

9/26/11 05:04 pm - porcelaincake - Soon to be lolita in the area :3

Hi! my name is Brandi, nice to meet you all :3

Ive known about lolita for about two years and have been researching it for about a year, and i plan to buy my first lolita dress as soon as i get money! so i'm looking forward to christmas and my birthday even more for that.

I't  would probably be bodyline, as ive heard that they have okay to good quality clothes and are not to expensive. That's a good place to start right?

or do you guys have a place that would be better for new timers?

Thank you very much for your time!

- PorcelainCake

9/17/11 03:29 pm - quentin_watson - Japanese Street Fashion POP Art Show

Hello fellow-lolitas! Follow the cut for my "Japanese Street Fashion POP Art Show!"
つづきを読む...Collapse )

9/12/11 08:01 pm - ichigobunnipop - Loli Halloween meet up!

So i been thinking doing a lolita meet up a b4 halloween,  maybe on the 21 or 22nd of october at pioneer mall!  i know this is a little early but i like to plan ahead of time.  What do you guys think? <3

8/16/11 03:45 pm - kunoichi_neko - Full Steam Eugene Fashion Show!

I am sorry I didn't give sooner notice, but tomorrow at 7:30pm is the Eugene Summer fashion that I am designing in and selling at. Unfortunately, this time only two of my models are wearing lolita, but I also have some aristocrat/dandy type clothing. I will also be selling headbows, cat hats, headdress, mini desserts and some other things. My booth/line is called A Cursed Doll. All things creepy, cute and geeky."

The fashion show is called "Full Steam Eugene" in case anyone is interested.

8/14/11 03:31 pm - princessery - Local sale: F+F Red/Black Jacket (Plus size) and Sax bow

Click!Collapse )つづきを読む...Collapse )

8/6/11 10:29 pm - tiniest_bird - shoes for sale

I ordered a pair of bodyline shoes, (25.5) in red. They are too big for me however, and would fit an 8-9 foot. I have a picture under the cut and I will link to the bodyline website.
I paid $37, plus 37 shipping, for these. I tried one shoe on, and realized it was too big. Never been "worn", no scuffs. The material is not overly shiny but nice a bright red.
I'm willing to do $35 plus shipping ~$5, or OBO. I can also deliver them, I live in Corvallis and I can drive to Eugene and I'll be in PDX/Vacouver on the 14th (for the kumoricon meeting! anyone attending should come along).
I can do paypal, concealed cash or cash in hand.

Picture of the shoesCollapse )
Feel free to email me at caroline_acree@yahoo.com  or leave a comment below.

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